Noblessa is, above all, German expertise. Outstanding manufacturing processes meeting the most rigorous standards on the market. From fronts to drawers up to handles, each piece is made with care, using quality materials and the knowledge you would expect from a brand of specialists. Every item is verified at each stage and tested repeatedly to ensure only perfect products will pass through. This refined manufacturing process is what makes Noblessa kitchens the top of the range creations for exceptional interiors.

Demanding and efficient manufacturing

Behind every Noblessa kitchens lie the skills of experienced professionals. Manufactured via a highly automated process, in two factories in Germany, these kitchens are made to the strictest German quality standards. With a manufacturing capacity of 3.200 kitchens per day, Noblessa demonstrates its high performance.

Door fronts production

Our door fronts are manufactured with the greatest precision, then scrupulously checked by hand, before being artisanally finished and polished. To perfectly identify each customer kitchen, each part is scanned via cutting-edge technology. We leave no room for mistakes.

Meticulously examined furnitures

Every part of the carcase is checked using the innovative "Color Brain" system: a highly sensitive laser monitoring device, featuring optical comparison via cameras. A technology that is more reliable than the human eye, able to detect the slightest defects and enabling us to guarantee the best possible quality.

Drawers production

We manufacture our Profi+ drawers using a fully automated, very precise, innovative process. Manufacture of the drawer unit and the drilling of the drawer fronts are carried out simultaneously to ensure efficient assembly. A laser scanner checks the quality at every stage for a flawless result.

Handles production

On the one hand, the milling of the profiles and the grooves is automated. On the other hand, the sealing is carried out by hand. In this stage, the combination of automation and hand crafting guarantees the best quality for our handles.

Well designed storage facilities

Our cutting-edge automated warehouse is fully integrated into our logistics processes and offers an impressive capacity: up to 80,000 storage spaces are available. In addition, the warehouses are designed with sustainability in mind and are particularly energy-efficient. The most frequently used parts are stored more towards the front of the warehouse in order to save energy. Even the braking energy of the computer-assisted handling equipment is used to produce electricity.